About Us


Velodonnas is the first and only female cycling club in Winnipeg. Established in 2003, Velodonnas was the brainchild of former National Team member and St. Annes, MB resident Erin Carter. As a successful competitor with a life-long love of cycling, Erin recognized that Manitoba needed a female-focused cycling club to inform, instruct and inspire female cyclists of all levels in a supportive environment. So, with the help of other like-minded cyclists, Karin McSherry, Deanne Cote & Kimberly Anne Falk, Velodonnas was born.

OUR MISSIONTo inform, instruct and inspire female cyclists of all abilities

OUR VISION – We want to see more women with the skills and confidence to be effective leaders in our cycling community.

OUR PROMISE – We are dedicated to providing opportunities for women to gain riding confidence on the road or trail. Our riding time together will focus on skill development but we’ll mostly be having a good time and supporting each other.

“We have met many women over the years who would like to ride more – with their club, with their partners – but don’t, mostly due to a lack of confidence. We know that confidence increases when skills & fitness are improved.” ~Velodonnas founders

Over the years the Velodonnas group has brought female cyclists together for road, mountain bike and cyclocross clinics and rides and we created Manitoba’s first (and only) Women’s only bike race – The Dirt Skirt.

We invite all who identify as girls or women to ride with us!
If you aren’t sure if Velodonnas is a good fit for you, please contact us and ask.