2015 Ingolf MTB ride

POSTPONED to later date. TBA
When: Saturday August 22nd, 2015Meet at trailhead 10:00 AM.
Where: Google map to trailhead. Note – switch to Earth view to see the parking area, referred to below, more clearly. Probably best to drive in with someone if you are unfamiliar with the parking area. The trailhead is a short drive off the road and the entrance is not obvious – it is east of the microwave tower and just before the road starts to descend into Ingolf. If you find yourself in the town of Ingolf you’ve driven too far.
Leader contact: Karin McSherry mcdykers@gmail.com call/text 204-791-3195. Please get in touch to let her know you plan to attend and to ask any questions you might have about the ride. Carpooling may be arranged.

Other details:

  • Do not park in the cabin owners parking lot down by train tracks. Park on the rock beside the microwave tower fence line (see pinpoint in Google map link above).
  • Ingolf trails are technically challenging (riders from BC, Quebec and pretty much anywhere outside of MB/SK are laughing right now). You don’t need to have all the skills but you do need to love the challenge and be willing to suffer a little. If we were to categorize this ride it would be Intermediate to Advanced.
  • The loop is only ~15km long but the ride will take (depending on the group) between 2 to 3 hours. Bring enough fuel and water/sport drink to last.
  • Bring a post ride drink and snack in a cooler. Bring your spare tube(s) etc.
  • Unless you are a skilled mechanic with all the right tools or you desire a long walk (alone) with your bike you need one in good working order – tight and lubed.
  • Consider bug spray & sun screen, towel, dry change of clothes.
  • Well socialized, trail/bike-smart dogs are welcome assuming you know they are capable of the demands. Water (in lake/pond/puddle form) is available in many sections of the loop but is not constantly available so consider your dog’s need for water before deciding to bring him/her along.

Super excited to show you Ingolf for the first time and to ride with those of you who already know how great it is! ~Karin