Spinning Into 2021: International Women’s Day Ride and More…

We were well on our way to getting things set up for some winter riding and Mother Nature decided it is spring! We’ve quickly put a plan in place for some late “winter?” rides….

Ride sign up


Our process for outdoor riding really hasn’t changed from this past summer. We require signups and are limiting group capacity to 10 people + the ride leader (in accordance with the MCA’s club ride guidelines). Please ensure you review the information listed on the registration/signup page.

We will once again allow a ONE TIME club try out ride for non-members! Hence, the waiver in the registration form. After the one try-out ride, all ride attendees must have both a club membership and MCA membership.



Nothing has changed for our memberships this year. In the event we cannot organize rides and events for our members this season (because of Covid), the club’s leadership team will evaluate the membership status. When you apply for 2021 club membership (with the above link), you will be prompted to obtain your MCA membership in the same transaction. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day

With us, on your bike!
Monday March 8th
5:30 PM
Weather/conditions dependent. If we need to cancel this ride we will notify all registrants via email.

Blue Highway Ride

Saturday March 13th
11:00 AM
Weather/conditions dependent. If we need to cancel this ride we will notify all registrants via email.

  • Meeting location: McGillivray Falls Parking lot
  • Equipment required: Fat bike (dependant on conditions, TBC with registrants)
  • 1.5 – 2 hours riding time

Velodonnas and Anti-racism: What we’re talking about and an invitation to participate.

It’s the beginning of July and 2020 has been one hell of a year already. We are living in a climate crisis and a global pandemic and while we were sheltering in place at the end of May the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis sparked a firestorm of public protest across the USA and Canada. Anti-black and anti-indigenous racism, its history and the devastating role it plays in our society is in our daily news feeds and some of us are talking about it privately, for the first time in our lives.

Velodonnas is having an important conversation right now. Like individuals and organisations locally and globally, we are challenged to examine our role in anti-racism and systemic inequality. As a Winnipeg based, recreational cycling club for women, what is our role in promoting racial equality and removing barriers to participation in our club and in the sport/activity of cycling at large? How do we do this work in a meaningful way?

For a few weeks, we have been listening and learning. We have been gathering resources on racism and antiracism generally, and in sports and cycling, specifically. If you know of any resources to add, please contact us.

Our next step is to form a subcommittee, tasked with informing the Velodonnas leadership group on how our club can continue to “inform, instruct and inspire” with an antiracist lens.
And not only with an antiracist lens. To be honest, we are also learning more about the intersectionality of racism and feminism and we are asking ourselves questions like, how can we relate to the LGBTQ+ community and to people living with disabilities. We acknowledge the many areas of cycling advocacy and community building where we can do better. We are figuring out how to start and we want to do it right.

We recognize this is not something we will figure out overnight. We expect this work to be on-going with a focus on building not just stronger cyclists but a stronger, inclusive community. Opportunities for involvement are expected to grow as next steps are identified.

We invite anyone who is interested in participating in this work with us, to please contact the club today.


Velodonnas Distance Challenge

Covid-19 has forced us to cancel our annual Women’s 100 ride but that won’t stop us from challenging you to some long rides this season!

The Velodonnas Distance Challenge is a SOLO challenge with flexibility in how you participate – given that we’ve all spent different amounts of time in the saddle this season so far. 

We challenge you to complete (roughly) a 60, 80 or 100 km ride (or one of each!) in the month of July and post about your ride on Instagram.

Ride to Win!
Tag @velodonnas to be entered into a draw to win a gift card from a local business OR a $25 credit toward Velodonnas merchandise. Suggested hashtags:

  • #velodonnas
  • #velodonnas100
  • #veloodonnas80
  • #velodonnas60
  • #velodonnasdistancechallenge

Riding in Winnipeg and need route recommendations? We have some for you:

These routes are available in Strava (a social network for athletes): https://www.strava.com.
Sign up for a free account or pay for a subscription (optional).

If you download the Strava app to your phone or smartwatch you can choose to record your rides on either device and it will automatically upload to the Strava website. 

Alternatively, record your rides on any (GPS enabled) cycling computer or wearable and upload your rides to Strava manually (or automatically with a few more technological steps).

Join our Strava Club and see your weekly stats on the leaderboard: https://www.strava.com/clubs/130638

But most importantly, get out there, anywhere, and RIDE YOUR BIKE! 
Don’t forget to post Instagram photos of your Velodonnas Distance Challenge rides AND tag us @velodonnas for a chance to win.