Videos We Like – How to Lubricate your Chain.

Basic Group Riding stuff – Good overview for rolling turns in the paceline. – “Through and Off” sometimes referred to as a “Chaingang”. Those crazy Brits. Lol. On this side of the pond we say “Paceline” and “rolling through” and such. Either way, it all comes to the same thing. – More on rolling turns. – Go faster in a single paceline. – Basics on CORNERING in a group ride. – Decent video on ECHELON riding.

Skills – Good overall technique tips on SPRINTING. – How to SPRINT like Mark Cavendish. We like how he describes the key use of your upper body as “bringing the bike to your feet”. – more SPRINTING, good fine point details here. – A few more tips for SPRINTING (in a race situation). – Good overview of CORNERING. – More detailed explanation of CORNERING. – More of the same on CORNERING. – Perfecting the CORNER. – The art of DESCENDING.

Mechanics 101

Replacing handlebar tape