Ride Cancellation

In cases of inclement weather, rides are cancelled by 4:00 PM during the week and 8:00 AM on weekends. This is roughly 2 hours ahead of most scheduled rides. An email is sent to ALL members and we will do our best to communicate via social media channels as well.

“Inclement weather” includes the following conditions either currently happening or reasonably predicted to start during ride time:

  • rain &/or hail
  • thunderstorm (also, we don’t ride when we see lightning and if we are riding, must seek shelter and wait 30 mins after the last strike before resuming)
  • wind/wind gusting 50+ kph

Although road riding in the rain is quite possible, it is very unpleasant unless ALL riders have fenders installed. Because rain cancellations are rare enough, we don’t enforce a fender rule and therefore we opt to cancel road rides due to rain (this includes avoiding wet roads immediately after a rain event). Wet roads can also present a safety risk, especially when coupled with poor visibility on roads shared with cars.

We don’t ride wet (dirt) trails! This causes damaging ruts and promotes trail erosion. However, there are some (sand/rock) trails that can handle wet conditions. Your ride leaders are trail stewards and know when and where to ride for the conditions. If you are heading out on your own and not sure if you should ride a particular trail, contact us before you go. 

If you plan to ride with us, please keep your eye on the weather (we prefer Environment Canada’s WeatherCan app). If you have any doubts about the weather and the ride status and you haven’t seen an email or social media post, please email ride@velodonnas.ca or contact your ride leader directly: 

  • Cindy Brown (Monday North) 204-451-3692
  • Christa Rusk (Monday Workout) 204-891-6459
  • Gill Cooper (Friday MTB) 204-296-7309
  • Karin McSherry (Monday South) 204-791-3195
  • Kerrie Abel (Monday West) 204-782-6523
  • Moni Robertson (Mountain Bike) 204-294-6647 
  • Nancy Kroupa (Wednesday Intervals) 204-292-9553
  • Sandra Ott (Monday North) 204-330-1095