Friday Night MTB Rides @ Bison Butte with Gill

One of goals of Velodonnas is to inspire and support women ride leaders. This year, Nancy Taylor started a weekly interval training session (Wednesday nights on the road) and now we have Gillian Cooper starting a weekly mountain bike ride – Friday nights at Bison Butte!
As with all of our weekly club rides, you must be a club member to join the fun. But, you can come for a one-time try out before you commit to membership. Just bring a signed waiver with you to that one-time try out ride (attached here). Find out more about becoming a Velodonnas member.
Friday Night MTB Rides @ Bison Butte

When: Friday night – ready to ride 6:15pm (~2 hours)
Where:  Meet at Cabela’s parking lot – we ride to the Butte from there
Why: MTB fun!  Come ride the trails and hone your fitness and MTB skills.  It’s mainly to ride but if you fancy a skills session then let me know and we can plan to dedicate a couple of nights to do some drill work on the features.
Who:  Mountain Biking Velodonnas
Exceptions:  If the weather is bad or I am working away and can’t find a ride lead then we won’t ride.  Cancellations will be posted on the website, Velodonnas facebook group, twitter
What to bring: Good quality mountain bike, helmet, water, bug spray, elbow & knee pads are recommended if you are new to MTB, spare inner tube. A signed waiver if you are not a club member.
Contact: Gillian Cooper or Contact Us

Attention: Time Change for MNRs

Hey gals, starting next week August 24th & 31st we need to meet/be ready to roll at 6:30 PM from the usual location (Extra Foods 740 St. Anne’s Rd). Daylight hours are waning!

Please bring your lights (front and rear) especially if you ride to/from our meeting place.

Come September, there won’t be time for an evening road ride so the Monday Night Rides are going to switch to cyclocross circuit training sessions (mountain bike friendly). More details on that to come (as soon as I figure them out).

Also, I might move the weekly date to Wednesday nights but I will stick with Mondays if more people want that. Please email me with your preference Monday nights or Wednesday nights in September? Let me know. ~Karin