Club Rides Gone Virtual, For Now

Members and friends, last night we decided to suspend all in-person club activities, until further notice.

Although we remain confident our current programs and protocols are Covid-cautious and low-risk by design, we feel a pause in our “together time” is the best decision right now. 

We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and listen to our provincial health experts and we’ll resume in-person club programs when we feel the time is right. Stay tuned to this website and our socials.

As you know, the Velodonnas mission is to inform, instruct and inspire so we don’t love the idea of not riding together. However, we are committed wholeheartedly to keep informing and inspiring you, albeit at a distance for the time being.

So, our weekly rides are going VIRTUAL.  Here’s how that works:

Members will be sent weekly emails with details on how to complete a Road Interval workout, a Mountain Bike challenge, a Road or Gravel route suggestion or all of the above plus whatever bonus challenges we might dream up in the meantime. And we can dream up some good ones, so stay tuned!

After you’ve completed the workout or the trail or the Strava segment or the whatever, follow our directions on sharing your ride/photo/selfie and you’ll be entered into a draw for prizes, or something.

Velodonnas, it might not sound like it, but we are still riding together. We’re just doing it apart, for now.

The more you share your rides, the more we’ll all share your joy. 

Now, go for a bike ride, stay healthy and get vaccinated when you can!

May Virtual Challenge #VelodonnasSpringCollection

Pedal your way to win some Velodonnas swag by completing a catwalk of 20km, 30km, and 40km on the road or in the trails!

Post photos from your ride on Instagram and tag #velodonnasspringcollection for entry (or message us directly if posting outside of Instagram).

Include a screen shot of your activity or a photo of your computer/watch/hand drawn map for distance verification.

One prize will be drawn for each distance completed.

BONUS PRIZE: Get your Vogue on! Show off your personal style with a photo of you ready for the runway, with your bike. Tag @velodonnas and use #velodonnasspringcollection to be entered!

Challenge open to Velodonnas members only.

Challenge open May 5th and closes May 30th.