The Races

Zone 4

ALL RACES ARE OPEN (no license or membership required)

MOUNTAIN BIKE – Wednesday June 3rd @ Birdshill Park (Bur Oak trail)

Format: You will be able to choose 1, 2 or 3 laps for both kids and adult events. Each category will start in a mass start format with 1 min gaps between groups. Full race details click here.

ROAD RELAY RACE – Wednesday, July 15th @ Birdshill Park

Format: Participants will be grouped in teams of 3. Each rider will complete 1 lap of the loop at Birdshill park (~11km) with a neutral “tag” zone in the East Beach parking lot. Full race details click here.

CYCLOCROSS – Sunday August 30th @ Canadian Mennonite University

Format: All riders will be staged and started together. As the race leader approaches the lap lane at 20 mins, all riders will be given a 2 laps to go signal (no matter how many laps you have completed), the next lap will be the bell and final lap. After the bell lap, all riders will finish. Full race details click here.


Race Regulations:

  • All racers bikes must operate a bicycle with both front and rear working brakes.
  • All racers must wear a CSA approved helmet while riding on OR off-course (even the parking lot).
  • Riders shall act and race with caution and respect for their fellow racers. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.
  • It is a racer’s responsibility to familiarizing yourself with the race course before the race (marshals will not be obligated to give out directions to riders). The race will be marked with signs and tape
  • A racer must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
  • If a rider exits the course for any reason, she must return to the course at the same point from which they exited.
  • Music players and electronic devises are NOT allowed by any racers during any events.
  • Handlebars must have end caps.
  • No kick stands or panniers attached to bike.
  • Glass containers are not allowed on the course, including the feed zone.

Parking: Parking is available at the site.

Courtesy and Safety: The course is open and the public can access the course at any point. Signs will indicate that bike race is in progress, but be aware that marshals do not have authority to prevent people from entering the course. Keep your head up at all times. Be courteous to others.

Washrooms: Washrooms will be open and is an outhouse.

Zone 4