Road Relay Race

ROAD RACE RELAY – Wednesday, July 15th @ Birds Hill Park (start at East Beach parking lot)

Zone 4

Contact: Moni Robertson
Phone: 204‐807-4753

Location: Birdshill Park, East Beach parking lot

Registration and sign in: 5:30 – 6:30 (kids must register and sign in by 6:00)
Event #1 (Kids – 13 and under): 6:30 p.m.
Event #2 (Adults): ~ 7:00 p.m.

Registration: Pre‐registration is available online (link above); race day registration will also be available. Onsite registration opens at 5:30 p.m. and ends 1/2 hour before your event. This race is OPEN to all women and girls; no MCA/UCI licence is required.

Race Day Forms and Waivers:
2015 UNDER 18 Entry Form and Waiver – ROAD
2015 OVER 18 Entry Form and Waiver – ROAD
(NOTE: U18 racers are required to bring a signed waiver even if they register online)

Race Fees:
Adult (14+) – MCA member – $10
Adult (14+) – NON MCA member – $15
Youth (13 and under) – MCA member – $5
Youth (13 and under) – NON MCA member – $10

The Teams: Form a team of 2 or 3 riders. You may create your own team prior to race day (all team members must sign up as individuals) or come as a single and we will pair un-teamed riders prior to the race start. Each team will ride 3 laps of the park total (each lap is approximately 11 kms). With teams of 3, each member will ride one lap of the park. With teams of 2, the first rider will ride the first and third lap. There must be an exchange of riders at each lap.

The Race: (for 14 yrs and old. Kids race info below) The start/finish line will be at the “Pan Am Start” approximately 1km up the hill from the East Beach road. The race will follow the clockwise direction of the loop. First riders will start in a group start. Drafting will be allowed but is not mandatory. Riders who know how to draft will be at an advantage. Yes, drafting means that at times during the race you will be working with your competitors! This is what makes road racing so exciting. If this is not a skill you are familiar with consider attending our road skills clinic or come to a Monday Night Ride. Or contact us for a private ride along. Teams who plan a smooth exchange of riders will also be at an advantage. Any bike will be allowed (slick tires would be beneficial). No aerobars on bikes, please. Remember, road bikes with drop bars and skinny tires will have a speed advantage. Helmets are mandatory.

The exchange: Your 2nd rider will be waiting in the transition area with her bike at the Pan Am Start. A long row of riders will be placed in numbered “stalls.” If you are the first rider, know which stall your teammate is in before race start. You will not be permitted to ride your bike through the transition zone. A dismount line will be marked at the start of transition. You must get off your bike and run with your bike to your teammate. A clear “exchange” must take place between riders (e.g. A hug or a high 5). The second rider then must run out of transition to a mount line (which will be at the opposite end of transition from the dismount line), mount her bike and start on the course. Remember, racers cannot be on their bikes in the transition area! The transition zone will be demonstrated on race day. Repeat the process for rider #3. Rider number 3 will be your finishing rider. At this point, riders who have worked together may turn into competitors. We want to see some all-out sprint finishes out there!

Kids Road Race

For participants 13 and under, a 5-6 km out and back road race will be designed. Any bike will do! Helmets are mandatory. The girls will line up for a mass start, race to a turnaround point, and return to a finish line on the opposite side of the road from the start. May the best gal win! Inexperienced older riders up to age 15, may also request to join this race rather than the relay. A lead out rider and a sweep rider will be present for the girls’ safety.