Tuesday Night Intervals

Get FAST(er) with INTERVALS!

TUESDAYS 6:45 PM (ready to roll by 7:00)
Meet: Southglen Shopping Centre, Extra Foods parking lot, 740 St. Anne’s Rd***
Starting Tue May 1st, 2018
Domestique (Ride leader): Nancy Taylor 204-292-9553

The plan:

  • Ride together to Grande Pointe loop, controlled pace (warm up).
  • Interval session will take place around the 9km Grande Pointe loop.
  • Faster riders will turn around and meet up with slower riders during the rest periods.
  • Warm down ride together back to Extra Foods parking lot.

All riders welcome. However, these will be hard intervals. Go at your own (hard) pace but the whole group will likely split into sub groups (or you may be riding alone). Faster riders will attempt to regroup with slower riders during the rest period. In the end, all riders will head back to the city together.

What to bring:

  • HELMET – MANDATORY. No helmet=no ride. Helmets must be cycling specific.
  • Water bottle(s), plus energy bar/gel
  • Spare tube, levers, pump or C02
  • Emergency contact with medical alert information (e.g. a card in your pocket, Road ID wristband)
  • Rear flashing light and (recommended) front light

You must be a club member AND a MCA member in order to ride with us. You are welcome to try a ride first before committing to membership. No charge. One time only. You MUST come with a signed waiver: ADULT Waiver or Youth (U18) Waiver

***these rides will continue in the south, i.e. not moving to Birds Hill Park as previously announced.