Club Rides Gone Virtual, For Now

Members and friends, last night we decided to suspend all in-person club activities, until further notice.

Although we remain confident our current programs and protocols are Covid-cautious and low-risk by design, we feel a pause in our “together time” is the best decision right now. 

We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and listen to our provincial health experts and we’ll resume in-person club programs when we feel the time is right. Stay tuned to this website and our socials.

As you know, the Velodonnas mission is to inform, instruct and inspire so we don’t love the idea of not riding together. However, we are committed wholeheartedly to keep informing and inspiring you, albeit at a distance for the time being.

So, our weekly rides are going VIRTUAL.  Here’s how that works:

Members will be sent weekly emails with details on how to complete a Road Interval workout, a Mountain Bike challenge, a Road or Gravel route suggestion or all of the above plus whatever bonus challenges we might dream up in the meantime. And we can dream up some good ones, so stay tuned!

After you’ve completed the workout or the trail or the Strava segment or the whatever, follow our directions on sharing your ride/photo/selfie and you’ll be entered into a draw for prizes, or something.

Velodonnas, it might not sound like it, but we are still riding together. We’re just doing it apart, for now.

The more you share your rides, the more we’ll all share your joy. 

Now, go for a bike ride, stay healthy and get vaccinated when you can!

May Virtual Challenge #VelodonnasSpringCollection

Pedal your way to win some Velodonnas swag by completing a catwalk of 20km, 30km, and 40km on the road or in the trails!

Post photos from your ride on Instagram and tag #velodonnasspringcollection for entry (or message us directly if posting outside of Instagram).

Include a screen shot of your activity or a photo of your computer/watch/hand drawn map for distance verification.

One prize will be drawn for each distance completed.

BONUS PRIZE: Get your Vogue on! Show off your personal style with a photo of you ready for the runway, with your bike. Tag @velodonnas and use #velodonnasspringcollection to be entered!

Challenge open to Velodonnas members only.

Challenge open May 5th and closes May 30th.

The 2021 Season Begins

Spring has finally sprung and our plans for bike riding and skill clinics and cycling adventures are popping!

95 people registered for our Open House on April 19th and we are sure that is a record number. We are all eager to get out riding together while being very aware of the pandemic situation and the importance of keeping ourselves and each other safe and healthy.

We have updated our website pages, including the link to our Rides & Clinics Sign Up.

Our Covid Protocol is still in effect and we are limiting the number of participants at each ride and clinic. Everyone must sign up at least 24 hours in advance of any event. You must be a member to ride with us regularly but we welcome anyone to try us on for size first. One-time try out is available for rides only, not the skill clinics. You must register in advance, using that same sign-up link.

If the ride/event you want to join is “Sold Out” or you have signed up for a ride/event and need to cancel, please email us so we can place you on our waiting list or give your cancelled spot to someone on the list.

Here is a snapshot of what we plan to offer this year:

  • Weekly MTB rides
  • Weekly (HIT) High Intensity Training sessions (Road)
  • Skill clinics – Road/any bike, MTB, Cyclocross
  • Occasional weekend MTB rides
  • Themed ride nights for any bike – Public Art Tour, Fix-a-Flat etc.
  • Skill specific ride nights for roadies – Cornering, Gravel, Sprinting etc.
  • Solo, virtual challenges
  • Distance goals and route suggestions
  • Advice, support, camaraderie, and a safe space to come as you are with whatever you’ve got.

We are considering more club branded items this year – another run of hoodies, a tote bag, ball cap, buff or neck scarf (or both) and we are redesigning our Custom club kit. Stay tuned for updates!

Better yet, become a member and get weekly email updates straight to your inbox. Members will receive helpful video links which can be viewed anytime. Head over to our Resources page.

Ready to join Velodonnas? Head over to our Membership page.

Spinning Into 2021: International Women’s Day Ride and More…

We were well on our way to getting things set up for some winter riding and Mother Nature decided it is spring! We’ve quickly put a plan in place for some late “winter?” rides….

Ride sign up!/events/velodonnas-2021-ride-signup

Our process for outdoor riding really hasn’t changed from this past summer. We require signups and are limiting group capacity to 10 people + the ride leader (in accordance with the MCA’s club ride guidelines). Please ensure you review the information listed on the registration/signup page.

We will once again allow a ONE TIME club try out ride for non-members! Hence, the waiver in the registration form. After the one try-out ride, all ride attendees must have both a club membership and MCA membership.


Nothing has changed for our memberships this year. In the event we cannot organize rides and events for our members this season (because of Covid), the club’s leadership team will evaluate the membership status. When you apply for 2021 club membership (with the above link), you will be prompted to obtain your MCA membership in the same transaction. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day

With us, on your bike!
Monday March 8th
5:30 PM
Weather/conditions dependent. If we need to cancel this ride we will notify all registrants via email.

Blue Highway Ride

Saturday March 13th
11:00 AM
Weather/conditions dependent. If we need to cancel this ride we will notify all registrants via email.

  • Meeting location: McGillivray Falls Parking lot
  • Equipment required: Fat bike (dependant on conditions, TBC with registrants)
  • 1.5 – 2 hours riding time