Women’s 100

4th Annual Women’s 100/160 — Sunday July 22, 2018

Time & Location: 7:30 AM – 9:15 AM roll outs, meeting at King’s Park – 198 Kings Drive Winnipeg

  • Estimated roll out times:
    • 7:30 AM – 160km group
    • 8:30 AM – <25 kph pace group
    • 8:45 AM – 26-27 kph group
    • 9:00 AM – 28-29 kph group
    • 9:15 AM – 29+ kph group
  • 100 km riders, come ready to ride by 8:30 AM and be attentive to the roll out groups as they form. Don’t get caught without your group! Your group MAY leave earlier than stated IF groups are combined due to low/no sign ups. Be ready at 8:30 and be attentive!

We started this 100km/160km “Century” ride in 2015 when we were inspired by the Rapha Women’s 100 “…a celebration of cycling community and collective spirit among riders across the globe.”
This ride is self-supported and is open to all cyclists 13+ years of age.

Free for Velodonnas members

$10 for non-Velodonaas and non-MCA members.

Non-members, please bring a SIGNED WAIVER with you:

NEW 100 km cue sheet: Map & Cue sheet 100 km – 2018 South-East – Ile des Chênes return
100 km GPX file (for most GPS devices): https://www.dropbox.com/s/op8jeyv82vjkmjx/100km_2018_South_East_Ile_des_Chenes_return.gpx?dl=0
Strava route (100km): http://http://www.strava.com/routes/14407140

NEW 160 km cue sheet: Map & Cue sheet 160 km – 2018 South-East – Ile des Chênes return
160 km GPX file (for most GPS devices): https://www.dropbox.com/s/66k9gvicxkeibi0/160km_2018_South_East_Ile_des_Chenes_return.gpx?dl=0
Strava route (160km): http://www.strava.com/routes/14407316

This is a self-supported ride:

  1. Come Prepared
    • Carry spare tube(s), pump or C02 or both, food, water & money for more food/water at local gas stations.
    • Bring your mobile phone. Make sure there’s someone you can call in case you need an emergency pick up en route.
  2. Rest Stops
    • We will have watermelon, powdered Gatorade and water at Niverville & Ile des Chênes.
    • Anything you leave with our volunteers and their “SAG” vehicles (Support And Gear) in the morning at Kings Park will be there for you in Niverville & Ile des Chênes.
    • Gas station locations, fyi (depends on route): St. Adolphe, Niverville, Ile des Chênes, Richer, Ste. Anne, Landmark
    • Please note: our volunteers will not necessarily be qualified mechanics or first aid responders.

Questions? Contact us ride@velodonnas.ca

Please note that this ride is being planned as an “At your own Risk” event. This means you need to be responsible for your own safety on the road and consider the day no different that going out for a casual ride with friends.

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