July Events Update

Velodonnas membership is now up to 97 souls!

July is here and there is a lot going on. Here are some things you may want to add to your own riding calendar:

July 15thMountain Bike Skills Clinic in Morden http://dirtskirt.ca/skill-clinics/#morden

July 15thSpecialized Ambassador (Karin McSherry) Recon Ride Challenge – south of Darlingford, MB, right after the Morden clinic. This is a road ride. Climb a total of 1095m to celebrate La Course specifically and women’s cycling in general. More details here: https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/recon-ride and here: https://www.facebook.com/events/145824675984503/

July 23rdWomen’s 100 ride – ride 100km or 100miles (160km) with us as we take our cue from Rapha and organize a somewhat unsupported (ride at your own risk etc) “Century” celebrating women’s cycling around the globe. More details here: http://dirtskirt.ca/dirt-skirt-100/ and here: https://www.facebook.com/events/234199660417258/

July 29th – 2nd annual Velodonnas Pool Party – social event at Gill Cooper’s back yard pool. We’ll likely plan a ride beforehand. We will provide the food. You bring a beverage and a deck chair. We’ll set up some sort of sign up so as to know how many to expect. Stay tuned for more details as they materialize.

As always – our weekly events are such:

If you have’t read them yet or need a refresher, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Group Ride Guidelines (Road specific): http://dirtskirt.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Velodonnas-Group-Ride-Guidelines.pdf

We have some Monday Night “Skill Nights” planned for this month too!

  • Monday July 10th“Cat & Mouse” – essentially we’ll set up a friendly “handicap race” where we’ll start in different pace groups and try to chase or not be caught (depending on your speed group ;-))
  • Monday July 17th“Cornering” – south group will spend this evening in Grande Pointe subdivision practicing the art & science of cornering at speed. Very handy in general but especially if you’re planning a trip abroad or anywhere with elevation. 😉
  • Monday July 31st“Sprinting” – another practical skill not to be confused with “risking life and limb” as demonstrated in yesterday’s Tour de France stage.
These skill nights will be prefaced with some YouTube videos shared with you all by email. OR you can study early by checking out our Resources page. Specifically, Videos http://dirtskirt.ca/resources/

If you haven’t already – find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

See you on the bike!